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Say Cheese! Or Best 8 Drones with Camera for Each Budget

Nowadays technologies are constantly developing and new gadgets appear every day. Some of them simplify our life, some of them just bring a lot of fun. In this article we will tell you about drones that appeared on the world market not so long ago but have quickly achieved a great popularity worldwide. There are a great number of various drones models available nowadays and all of them are different in characteristics, quality and of course price. In this article we will give you some useful tips how to choose the best UDI drone with the best combination of price and quality. But prior to the start we prepared some main features to which you must pay attention while choosing. Ready? Go!

 Drone’s Weight:  Drone’s Size:  Returning Home feature:  Time of Flight:  Type of Controller:  Camera:
 Weight of your drone is not only a matter of taste, it has a significant influence on the drone’s flight, its maneuverability, speed and other features. Think through which weight will suit your requirements most of all and choose drone among this weight range.  This feature is as important as the previous one. Nowadays there are a lot of drones with various sizes, and all of them are good, but this factor has always a big influence on the flight of the quadcopter. Choose the most appropriate size basing on your tastes and preferences.  A lot of high-end drones are equipped with this special feature that allows your quadcopter return to you like boomerang. Very useful both for beginners and experienced flyers. Presence of this feature among drone’s characteristics indicates that the current model is a representative of high-end drones.  This feature decides how long will be your drone’s flight. The more powerful the battery is, the longer you will be able to pilot the drone. You can also purchase some additional batteries to use them while the battery of your drone will be charging.  It’s up to you how you will pilot your drone. Modern drones allow two types of drones’ controlling, so you can choose either remote controlling or piloting it by a special app on your smartphone. You can also do it through the app on your tablet. For many people the presence of camera among drone’s features plays the decisive role. Nowadays you can find many options with camera or without it, so think over whether you need this feature or you can do without it.
Best 8+2 UDI quadcopters for each type of budget

The first question will be why 8+2 and not simply 10? The answer is simple, our team prepared for you ten best UDI drones among which we chose the best budget option and the option with the best characteristics. All of these options are definitely recommended by our team and we hope that you will find something that suit your requirements most of all. Let’s take off!

UDI U841 Drone

The first option in our list is not a simple drone, it is a real transformer! This UDI quadcopter can conquer not only air, but walls and road as well! It’s hard to believe, yeah? But we are not insane and it is real drone with real features. The current drone is a representative of shapeshifter drones that can modify their construction from wallclawler to aircraft or roadster. This option is small an portable and the main thing that distinguishes it from other similar drones is that it is equipped with the first-class camera that can make amazing snapshots. Very unusual and incredibly cool model that will astonish you and all your friends with such unreal features.

UDI U45 Raven

The second option that is recommended by our team is this Raven UDI quadcopter. This option is a good variant for those who just start their flight experience because it is extremely simple in controlling and have all features that you need. Here you will find good camera, battery that will provide you with eight minutes of flight and special mode that allows making various trick in the air without much efforts. Also beginners will definitely appreciate the function of this quadcopter that is called altitude hold, which allows you to make the drone hovering in the air while you will think over the next trick you want to do. Remote controlling, affordable price and good durable construction make this quadcopter be the perfect option for beginners.


This small drone with light weight looks like a children’s toy, but you will be very surprised when looks at its characteristics. This is not a toy, this is small air monster. This UDI drone is made of the special type of plastic that makes it damage-resistant and at the same time lightweight. Small size and special shape provide a good aerodynamic and allows you to make any trick in the air that you want. The drone isn’t equipped with the camera but it can really boast of durable body, light weight, small size and high speed. Such option as the UDI RC U839 can be a very good purchase both for advanced flyers and beginners. Simple control, reasonable price, perfect maneuverability and high speed can be a good reasons to buy this option.


On the fourth position in our list is this breathtaking quadcopter. This option will please you not only with stylish design in black and orange colors and LED lighting but some more first-class features. It is equipped with the newest characteristics that are available nowadays in the world of drones. Here you will find ability to stream video to your device (tablet or smartphone), availability of the Wi-Fi connection, and special headless mode. Thanks to the bright LED lighting that is situated like eyes of the drone you will be able to check its position in the sky even in the dark or in the cloudy or foggy weather. In short, this option is a superior drone with first-class features and modern design which will satisfy all your requirements.


This option is one more small guy that will amaze you with its features. Durable material of the body, high speed and around ten minutes of smooth flight make this quadcopter one of the best options available nowadays. Stylish design in black and red colors together with LED lighting make it noticeable in the dark as well as in the daylight. Specially developed sixaxis gyro mechanism adds stability and makes the drone’s flight smooth. Small size allows you to make all tricks that you want while easy control with remote doesn’t require any efforts from you. Simple in piloting, small and lightweight drone with the good price and modern design, do you need something more? Perfect choice to feel like conqueror of the skies and for having fun.

UDI RC Eagle

You may think that cool design is the only thing that this small guy can offer you, but you have never been so wrong! Unexpectedly the Eagle is filled with premium-class characteristics, among which you will find Wi-Fi connection, first-class camera for amazing shots from the skies and even availability of virtual reality! No, it’s not a misspelling and we didn’t mixed up models, this extremely small drone can make you feeling like a real pilot flying in the sky instead of your drone. Beside this you will also find such topnotch features as long time of flight due to the powerful battery and special returning home feature. This option can be a perfect gift to your friends or just an amazing purchase to make you feel all the charms of piloting the drone with the virtual reality function.


The next model in our list is intended for people who want everything and preferably at the comparably low price. Unexpectedly such unbelievable combination became real with this drone where the high-end features are perfectly united with the affordable price. Here you can find possibility of making astonishing photos from the skies due to the first-class camera while full HDvideo provide you with the ability to record all charms of your flight. Special technologis for the stable flight and simple controlling are also implemented here. Our team definitely recommends this option for purchasing because such combination of high-end characteristics and affordable price seems to be unreal.

UDI 818A HD+

This option is not a usual drone. Finally we came to the most interesting options in our list and here is one of them. This model is the best drone for those who are on a budget and it has got a title ‘best budget pick’. Together with low price this drone can please you with the stable flight even in windy weather thanks to the integrated sixaxis gyro. Also you will be able to enjoy drone’s flight much longer thanks to the additional battery and power bank that come together with the drone. High-quality camera allows you to make amazing snapshots from the sky and returning home feature will help you never lose your drone. Speaking shortly, this option is more than good budget option, it is perfect for such price range.

UDI RC Freedom U32

This option has got the title of ‘top pick’ and now you will understand why. This small and simple from the first sight guy is unexpectedly powerful. With comparably long duration of the time of flight and high speed this quadcopter is much better than some larger options. It is equipped with the bright LED lighting, so you can take it outdoors even it is completely dark there, you will not lose it out of sight. Moreover this model is made of durable but very flexible material that allows you to make all tricks that you always want to try and don’t worry about damages caused by hard landing. Small, powerful and comparably cheap, it is obvious why this drone is so popular among users nowadays.


last option in our list is the drone which is not a representative of budget options, but it can surprise you with the topnotch characteristics. Beside first-class camera for video clips and wonderful snapshots from the above, you can also enjoy compatibility of VR and ability to control it both via the remote and smartphone (or tablet). Good aerodynamics, light weight and durable construction make the flight of this quadcopter smooth and stable. This option is very simple in controlling, so it can be a good variant both for beginners and experienced drones’ lovers.